Spine Surgery

Back pain is a problem that plagues many American adults. It is among the most common causes of ER visits and missed work days, but it is not an issue that you have to live with. If you are struggling with chronic back pain, visiting an orthopedic surgeon specializing in spine surgery can help you restore your mobility and live pain-free. Even if surgery is not the right solution for your case, a spine surgeon can accurately identify the source of your pain and make recommendations appropriate for your current health and lifestyle. At MK Orthopedics, you will find the most advanced solutions in spine surgery, including specialized care for sacroiliac pain in Crown Point. Continue reading to learn more about spine surgery and the benefits of choosing our practice for your care.

When Should Spine Surgery Be Considered?

Like other orthopedic surgeries, back surgery is typically not recommended until other treatment options have been exhausted. In some cases, physical therapy and joint injections may be sufficient, but other situations may require surgery to repair damaged structures within the spine and prevent further degeneration. There are many different types of spine surgery, including spinal fusion and sacroiliac joint stabilization, which may become necessary when the following symptoms are present:

· Persistent Back Pain – When back pain is severe and persistent, it can get in the way of daily activities and even compromise your independence. Surgery followed by rehabilitative physical therapy may be the best way to reduce back pain for good and preserve a lifetime of mobility.

· Sacroiliac Pain – The sacroiliac joint in the lower back can often suffer from degenerative damage as back pain from other sources worsens. Patients with sacroiliac joint issues may have lower body instability, numbness and shooting pain in the legs, and sharp pain in the hip and groin area. If sacroiliac joint injections offer temporary relief from these symptoms, it is likely that surgery will provide long-term pain relief by improving the strength of the joint.

Why Choose MK Orthopedics for Your Surgery?

At MK Orthopedics, your care will be managed by a highly skilled team of surgical and rehabilitative specialists who are well-recognized for their success in treating back pain. Because we offer a full spectrum of services in one practice, you can achieve the right level of care for any condition. In addition, we are focused on providing minimally invasive procedures that spare healthy tissues and ensure a more successful recovery.

Trust MK Orthopedics for advanced surgical techniques such as Spine Surgery & Rehabilitation for sacroilliac pain.

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