Shoulder Arthroscopy and Reconstruction

Shoulder Arthroscopy

The shoulder joint is one of the most complex in the body, capable of moving with a wider range of motion than any other joint. Because of its complexity, it is also highly susceptible to a number of different injuries, which may affect the bones, ligaments, tendons, or muscle tissues within the shoulder. In many injuries, surgical reconstruction is often necessary to restore stability in the shoulder and relieve the intense pain that injuries can cause. With shoulder injuries, you might experience sharp pain originating in the shoulder and radiating up through the neck, often when making even the most basic movements of the upper body. To ensure proper healing of the shoulder joint without undergoing multiple surgical procedures, you should seek the care of MK Orthopedics, where you will find comprehensive diagnostic and rehabilitative services in Crown Point.

Understanding the Complexity of the Shoulder Joint

Some shoulder injuries are more common than others, so it is often the case that doctors will be quick to make a diagnosis of a rotator cuff tear or labral tear. It is essential to look beyond these typical causes, however, since there are many different issues that could take place. A loose shoulder capsule, for example, can cause many of the same symptoms as a rotator cuff tear, but it will require an entirely different reconstructive procedure. At MK Orthopedics, we often treat patients who have struggled to find relief from shoulder pain under the care of other orthopedic physicians who may have overlooked the actual cause of the joint instability and discomfort.

Preparing for Shoulder Arthroscopy and Reconstruction

If you are coping with shoulder pain and have scheduled a surgical consultation with our practice, you can expect compassionate care with dedicated attention to your injury. We will not use a one-size-fits all approach; rather, we will take the time to accurately identify your injury and restore the function of the joint to relieve pain and reduce the chances for future damage.

  • Diagnostic Imaging – An MRI can provide a detailed look at the shoulder joint to pinpoint damage that will be addressed during surgery.
  • Surgery – Shoulder arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure in which the surgeon can see inside the joint through specialized tools and a flexible camera. During this same procedure, tissues may be repaired. Arthroscopy can facilitate a wide range of procedures, including rotator cuff repair, ligament repair, removal of the labrum, or removal of bone spurs.
  • Post-Operative PT – Following surgery, physical therapy will be an essential component of full rehabilitation. During PT, therapists will help patients restore strength, manage any lingering discomfort, and learn to move in ways that will prevent future injuries of the joint.

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