Physical Therapy

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Physical therapy may be the non-surgical treatment for your condition or part of your pre or post surgical treatment plan. Physical therapy can include weight training exercises, stretching, massage, and other specialized treatments. The goal of physical therapy is to facilitate or bring about your recovery, improve your function and range of motion and strengthen your muscles. Our physical therapists work closely with patients and doctors to create the best possible plan for you.

MK Orthopaedics offers quality physical therapy in a warm and caring atmosphere. Our licensed physical therapists and physical therapy assistants have years of experience. Our physical therapists work hand in hand with our doctors to provide our patients with the most effective treatment. Physical therapy is prescribed for a variety of conditions including over-use or repetitive injuries, sports injuries, chronic conditions such as arthritis, rehabilitation of post-operative patients and a work conditioning program for all Worker’s Compensation patients.

MK Orthopaedics provides physical therapy specific to the needs of each patient. Treatment may include manual “hands on” therapy, joint mobilization, cervical and lumbar stretching, therapeutic exercises, and patient education on posture and body mechanics. To contact our Physical Therapy Department please call: 833-4MK-ORTHO .

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Your MK Physical Therapist and MK physician work as a team


  • WalkSteady Fall and Balance Program
  • Industrial Rehabilitation Program
  • Sports Rehabilitation
  • Complimentary Injury Screens
  • Total Joint Replacement
  • Fitness/Wellness
  • Orthopaedics

Why MK Orthopaedics?

  • Joint Replacement Specialist
  • Spine Fusion
  • Sports Medicine Experience & Expertise
  • One-Stop Comprehensive Care
  • Injury Evaluation Within 24 Hours
  • A Reputation for Real Results