Mar 6, 2015 | | -, IL
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I am only 48 years old however I have many joint problems. I have been to other Dr’s in the past for my problems, at first I was misdiagnosed, However when I started going to an ortho dr it was not Dr Komanduri, at this time he only worked on lower extremities, and my problem was my right shoulder. I than started having lower extremity problems and I was introduced to Dr Komanduri. In the 10 years I have been with this Dr he has been nothing but excellent!!!! He has put in 2 total hips and a total knee replacements. He has also fixed my right shoulder and left wrist, since I have been seeing him he did start working on the upper extremities. My right shoulder was fixed by another dr however it did not last long only a couple of months. I had a debreadment and core decompression. This other Dr said the only thing that could be done was to get a total shoulder replacement and I was not willing to get that done yet. When Dr Komanduri fixed my shoulder, doing the same thing the other dr was supposed to do, the fix worked for about 5 years. Dr Komanduri has fixed the shoulder 2 more times and each time it works for over a year, and payer to getting it fixed I am unable to use the arm at all, he fixes it and I am able to use it again. He is a doctor who listens to what the patient wants and tries to work with the patient. Ya there are times you may wait a little while, however I believe it is worth the wait. I have been to other doctors for my problems with my joints and have found that this doctor is the only one I will trust with my joints. I know I will still have a long history with Dr Komanduri, he will probably be replacing lots more of my Joints but HE is the only doctor I will trust to do that. In case you are all wondering what my problem is it’s called avascular Necrosis (AVN) as people with this problem call it. Normally you will get it in your hips or just one joint, I was lucky and it has been hitting all of my major joints. However I want to say a big THANK YOU to Dr Komanduri and his staff for all the help they have given me. I know if I have a problem, like falling or dropping something on my foot, all I need to do is call the office and they will see me as soon as they can and I can avoid going to the ER just to have them tell me to see an Ortho Dr. I would recommend this Dr and the whole office to anyone who is in need of an ortho doc. Also for those who say he gets upset if you choose a different place for PT, I have gone to different places for PT and nothing was said to me about it, I do prefer to go to his PT people tho, they have done the best for me.

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