Oct 22, 2015 | | Joliet, Ill
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

I had been having worsening pain to my knee for the past year. It was getting so bad, I never had a day without pain, and also developed an ulcer due to all the NSAIDS I was taking. I saw one Orthopedic Surgeon on the recommendation of a co-worker. I found him to be cold, and also seemed more interested in making money on therapy, I did not go back. The pain continued so I decided to give Dr. Pizinger a chance. I was impressed from the start with the receptionists, staff, xray techs, etc. I was very pleased with Dr. Pizinger. He was honest and did not sugar coat anything. He also gave me options, and his professional opinions on what would work or probably wouldn’t. I never felt pressured to go one way or the other. The MRI was ordered and done in the office, results the following week. He was very thorough with explaining to me and my husband what should be done. Again no pressure at all. Surgery was scheduled with no waiting. The office staff took care of everything including making sure my insurance would authorize everything. I didn’t have to do anything. I am so pleased after surgery. The knee pain was almost gone immediately. I was back to work in two weeks. I also cannot say enough about the therapy. They were able to accommodate me so I didn’t miss any work. I can’t say enough about the early morning crew-Jim, Angie, and Jen. They were all personable and you almost felt like you were in a breakfast club in the morning. They made the therapy almost fun, it was done professionally, but with some humor too. I am so glad that I chose MK Orthopedics and Dr. Pizinger and his crew. I know If I ever have problems with my joints, i won’t hesitate to call them again. Thank you so much!

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