Nov 4, 2015 | | Plainfield, IL
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

He is without a doubt the best Dr to have found with my knee problem.With 3 prior surgeries incuding tkr and then a revision by other surgeons.Faced with a knee cap that wouldn’t stay in place.That would with any kind of walking motion slide unexpectedly and cause me to fall.So many times and limited to only one option to fix by my prior surgeon.Which was so drastic and complicated with no promise of it even working.I just couldn’t face doing another such surgery.I thought this would have to be my life.Being afraid to go out or in my house of unexpected falling.I found Dr Pizinger for problems with a torn rotator cuff.His credentials were absolutely amazing.I was so impressed .He took his time, went over my MRI explained everything so I could understand my problem.I decided to wait on th at surgery.But I knew he would be my surgeon when I was ready.I was thrilled to hear he did knees also.So I went to him with my knee problem.He explained what his opinion was to try and fix my problem.The pros and cons but he gave me hope.The surgery he suggested is one I could accept to have done.I then spoke with Dr.Komunduri and Dr.Pizinger.Who said he would assist with my surgery also.They did my surgery I’m 61 yrs old.The outcome was absolutely amazing more than I ever imagined.After 2 months it wasn’t even necessary to continue to be monitored. He is a humble man he talks to you with respect . He’s not full of himself he doesn’t have to be.His accomplishments prove his greatness as a surgeon.The staff is just great also.Thank you Dr.Pizinger from the bottom of my heart.You gave me back my ability to walk again without fear of falling.YOU ARE THE BEST,,,

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