Worker’s Compensation

Nurse care managers, claim adjusters, attorneys and employers can count our team to schedule immediate appointments, submit status reports and paperwork, answer questions and provide assistance.

Our Workers Compensation capabilities include; 4 physicians that are Certified Independent Medical Examiners, on-site pharmaceutical dispensary, physical therapy suite, cast and bracing services and durable medical equipment for support devices, like crutches, braces or mobility.

MK Orthopaedics Worker’s Compensation program specialists help coordinate services and care to help patients function at work again in a timely and safe manner.

To schedule an appointment with a MK Orthopaedics Worker’s Compensation program specialist, call 833-4MK-ORTHO.

On-Site Pharmaceutical Dispensary

It may be necessary to take medication to facilitate recovery from an orthopedic injury, condition or surgery.

As a convenience to our Worker’s Compensation patients, MK Orthopaedics has an on-site pharmaceutical dispensary. This can greatly help patients obtain the medication as prescribed by MK Orthopaedics specialists; especially those who cannot get around easily, have limited mobility or cannot drive.

Why MK Orthopaedics?

  • Joint Replacement Specialist
  • Spine Fusion
  • Sports Medicine Experience & Expertise
  • One-Stop Comprehensive Care
  • Injury Evaluation Within 24 Hours
  • A Reputation for Real Results